Zap ⚡

The amazingly
AppImage package manager
for Linux 🐧

zap install firefox Fetching information for firefox [0] nightly [1] beta [2] esr [3] stable 0 [0] Firefox_Nightly-83.0_20201005215809-x86_64.AppImage Download size: 91.30 MB Y âŦ‡ī¸ Download complete! 🔄 Integrating đŸ’Ģ Creating desktop files... ✅ Done!

Yet another command line tool? 🤔

Zap supports desktop integration, delta updates and your favorite command line syntax. Want more? Install appimages directly from your browser, a click away by downloading AppImages supporting the zap protocol*

zap update firefox Checking for updates ℹī¸ Updates found! ⠙ Updating firefox ✅ Update Successful! ℹī¸ New file name is ~/.local/share/Firefox_Nightly...-x86_64.AppImage ✅ Done!

Make your life faster 🏃 with Delta Updates*

Download only what has changed between the versions, not the entire thing! zap makes your daily updates easier for all your appimages with either zap update or zap upgrade to upgrade all of them at a go!

* AppImages built with embedded updateinformation supports delta updates. Zap automatically can be configured to fallback to direct download if the author of the appimage did not include the update information.

Get it now! ⚡

Zap itself is provided as an AppImage, Just copy paste this line into your terminal and you are done!

wget -O ~/.local/bin/zap chmod +x ~/.local/bin/zap zap init

Free as in Freedom

Customizable. Open Source.

Zap is an MIT Licensed Open source software. You can get the complete source code at GitHub. Feel free to open an issue or create a pull request. Contributions are welcome!

You can configure almost everything without writing code, by using the interactive configuration wizard, where you can specify where you would like to store AppImages. Everything is right under your control